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From:     9096
Category: Films
Date:     10 October 2007
Time:     06:04 AM


film about ian from joy division
or rather about his wife

the film was written by the wife
he died at 23.
he didnīt understand life, ever. but tried.
who does? he didnīt, somepeople act as if they did or thelie to themself about understanding it- 
he was not a genius, he is not a myth
he could have been in control, with a little effort, but he lived from around machester
the film is beautifully shot in B-W, but lacks rythm, could have benefited from a crescendo,
actors are good but the story is a little bit boring.
unless you are a big fan of joy division

good that europe helps britain make films.-.. we need more british films. maybe one day thereīll be
some good ones.

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