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The Lucifer Effect at Primo Alonso

From:     Lucy Stewart
Category: Art
Date:     06 October 2007
Time:     05:30 PM


It all starts slowly, the build up, the tension, frieze is coming to run us over. Often openings depress 
me, I feel lost and a kind of despair about what art is now, I just want to run back into the night 
shrieking like a bat. Still I saw this one, mooched about, and felt blue.

"At the heart of this exhibition of painting, video, photography and sculpture is how each of the artists 
presents to us multi-dimensional realities that dynamically illuminate perceptions of humanity. 
Whether they are performative rituals and systems of signifiers from popular to socio-political culture 
the works in this show trigger an archetypal threshold of recognition enabling us to see aspects of 
humanityıs heart of darkness and ultimately our delusions to hide from the truth about 
ourselves." ..that's what they say.

I saw a Hugh Mendes obituary painting and wished it was my own. There was a clumpy sculpture and 
perhaps a few photos. Gordon Cheung and Hugh Mendes seem always to be in the same shows, are 
they perhaps related or is there one genius behind the whole enterprise. Who knows, who cares. I am 
going to kill myself.

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