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remember olive morris

From:     6o9
Category: Life
Date:     06 October 2007
Time:     04:43 AM


Do you remember Olive Morris?

She worked with the Black Panther movement; set up Brixton Black Women’s Group, was a founder member
of The Organisation of Women of African and Asian Descent (OWAAD) and was central to the squatter
campaigns of the 1970s. She died tragically young in 1979 at age 27.

Artist Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre created a collective portrait of Olive Morris via a weblog, the
aim of which is to bring together the personal memories of those who knew her, and publish
information and materials relating to her life and work.

Contribute: Leave your comments or add your memories:


This weblog was set up by artist Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre, working together with community
activist Liz Obi. It is the initial research phase of a larger oral history project involving video
interviews, performances, educational workshops and exhibitions. The weblog has been developed with
support from Lambeth Archives and was launched as part of Lambeth’s Black History Month
Celebrations. This weblog will be open for comments for a fixed period of time (6-12 months).
Afterwards, the information contained in it will be transferred to the Lambeth Archives website,
from where it will be permanently made available to the public.

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