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Final Destination Friday 14th September

From:     Remi
Category: Films
Date:     17 September 2007
Time:     03:43 AM


I am usually disappointed with films on TV, and this is a case in point. It made me realise that I need 
to spend more time on my 'Masters of Medicine' series published by the Royal College of Physicians. 
Hopefully, by the end of my elective I will have revised everything that I have done this year.

Film looks like an advert. E.T. suffers that ignomy, but at least it's 25 years old. Interesting premise 
about boy and friends cheating death because he had premonition of plane exploding while he was 
on it, so gets off in time. But rest of film does not follow 'Matter of Life and Death'  mastery, instead 
facetious schlock scenes.

Technical point: why did people get sucked out of the plane when it had barely taken off? Unless my 
physics is very much mistaken, this would only happen when reaching cruising altitude.

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