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Hells Kitchen, Big Brother, etc reality tv racism and homophobia

From:     tell
Category: TV
Date:     12 September 2007
Time:     06:02 AM


Yes, they set it up by putting Jim Davidson in with Big Bother's Brian, but watching unpugnacious 
boxer Barry McG patiently explain to, i'm a minority too (get me out of here), Jim D, that making 
comments about shirtlifters was nasty, seemed to me great education tv for the poof-bashing classes.
The trickle down of anti-pc rubbish rhetoric is remarkable.

Typical arguments as spouted by the cunning Davidson, people on big brother too, the countryside 
alliance, and cunts in general include:

1: I am an oppressed minority too. (No, just because discriminated against groups voice concern 
over your prejudice does not mean you are suddenly able to claim that you too are oppressed, 
discrimination and prejudice are long-running historical phenomena, a brief fight-back by minorities 
does not mean white male hetrosexuals are victims)

2: Black/gay/Jewish people say it (eg, kike, poof, nigga), so it's ok for me to say it. (It's different when 
someone of that group uses a generally offensive word used about them because by being of that 
group they obviously subvert the racial epiphet.)

3: You're just being PC. (I am objecting to hurtful unpleasant things you are saying because they have 
a real effect on me. They are used to humiliate me and others, and by people who deny me and 
others real opportunities, historically and presently they have resulted and accompanied violence and 
murder of people of my origins. I cannot understand why you have no empathy for this.)

4: Where's your sense of humour gone? (wait till your mother's funeral, when I tell you I fucked her up 
the ass, when you express outrage about my offensiveness, then I will tell you to get a sense of 

5: Minorities just whine to get attention and special privileges. (Have you not noticed that women,  
non-whites etc, are massively underepresented in areas of power such as politics and business, 
does it pass you by if you are white that most of your friends are white too, that if you went to 
university that none of your friends are school leavers. Do you not think that minorities would not 
prefer not to be made constantly aware of their difference and forced to argue with dumb racists, 
misogynists, homophobes. It aint that fun sticking up for yourself and drawing attention to your 
vulnerabilities. People are PC to protect themselves from real discrimination and prejudice.)

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