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thoralf knobloch at wilkinson gallery London

From:     art reviews
Category: Art
Date:     08 September 2007
Time:     06:04 PM


Spectacular gallery. Unspectacular paintings. Tedious enlargements of photos. Half-arsed 

"The paintings of Thoralf Knobloch are a double-edged sword. Working from his own analogue 
photographs, he scans and prints the images. Some get cropped others remain in tact before the 
process of painting begins. During this tactile, hands-on stage the artist accentuates certain aspects 
of the original photo, or chooses to remove others." 

Sounds like they're trying to justify painting from photos. There's nothing wrong with it. If the paintings 
don't come out just looking like every other one of these painters. The image, in its banality or 
mystery, has been so overdone in paintings like this, it has been bled dry, and become a painting 
cliche, an international style, nothing much from nothing much.

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