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The Graduate seen as teenager now as thirtysomething

From:     Remi
Category: Films
Date:     06 September 2007
Time:     04:55 PM


Once my friends have retired to bed, I am in the habit of uncovering or indeed re-uncovering movie 
classics. This particular night it was 'The Graduate' that caught my attention. Lovely to look out, full of 
colour and warmth, not the characters perhaps, but the house interiors were packed with interest, I 
found. The exterior shots at Berkeley and in the red Alfa Romeo were also fine to behold.

The story itself was a different matter. Although the actors obviously carried the film off on the strength 
of the performances. But what of the relationship between Benjamin Braddock and Elaine Robinson, 
did this not need more development? Perhaps sharper editing, otherwise you might have thought 
they fell in love after two dates.

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