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Boy in a bubble, documentary on David Vetter, ARTE (French/German channel)

From:     Remi
Category: Life
Date:     04 September 2007
Time:     02:14 PM


Remember when the 'bubble boy' died in 1984. My mother was surprised that it wasn't mentioned in 
our playgroup. I think she was rather upset by the whole story, more so than me. After this 
documenary, it was the other way round. 

Other than that vague memory of the event, my main information about the likes of David, the boy who 
lived in a sterile plastic-encased atmosphere all his 12 years (apart from the last 15 days of his life, 
when his mother got to touch him for the first time) was through comedy references; Seinfeld and a 
film with Jake Gylenhaal. 

Watching this documentary, I found myself remembering a bit more about the boy in the bubble, on 
top of my present-day reactions. It was Jimmy Connors all over again, but inversely. There was no 
pride and glory, just incredible sadness. 

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