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Re: Lucky Jimm and his Degenerate Adventures

Category: Life
Date:     29 August 2007
Time:     10:04 AM


I suppose the inherent problem of this highly readable blog is, like a soap opera, the need for
inexorable sensation and event, usually without resolution (discuss). This poses a Catch22 for
Luckyjim, for no matter how far he is persuaded to quit poker, the evident success of his writing
will demand more story - and there's nowt fiction stranger than fact. Has he in some respects
inscribed his addiction deeper into his personality? 

The reflexiveness of this blog is alarmingly one more way for Luckyjim to abstract the loses and
misery of his gamboling life. Does he want ever to make a choice (leaving aside the persistent
problem of addiction) and what would a sustainable alternative look like? All or nothing he requests
from life, but All may be a lot less than Luckyjim can currently imagine, let alone accept.
If he quits poker and becomes the adventure writer of a hundred thousand bedroom mouse clicks, he
will be how successful, how rich in comparison to his aristocratic heroes? He will be a boring,
balding raconteur of online plot lines, two kings in the hole, a jack on the river, all in on the infinitum. 

He should get back to his Phd and respectability, go and spend some time in his beloved Italy, learn
the language, teach English - it's his one easily marketable, natural advantage right now. Oh, and
continue writing… reality-blog fact as fiction, the flop and awe... Looking forward to the next

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