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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

From:     Remi
Category: Films
Date:     25 August 2007
Time:     06:20 PM


A definite improvement on the last one. Not another 'goodie disguised as a baddie and vice versa' 
film. Had a believable (well, almost) plot, the usual characters a little of older and few new ones 
thrown in. The computer graphics have improved since the first one, not so wobbly. 

The occasion was my nephew Pascal's eleventh birthday. Since then we have taken to reading Harry 
Potter to each other and testing each other on words. So many great things come out of this cultural 

Potter is somewhat harder to stomach now as a middling teenager, and a fairly surly one at that. Of 
course, he has his reasons, but his younger self was more naturally cinematic. Is he a worse actor 
than the others? I'm not convinced. I've got so used to them it's hard to tell. I thought he was great 
in 'Extras', so that makes me think he's alright. Haven't seen the other child actors in anything else, 
aren't they good enough to do other stuff?

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