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Category: Art
Date:     25 August 2007
Time:     10:53 AM


A website designed by artists for artists.   A novel approach to promotion of art sites. All links are 
situated on only a few pages. This to me solves the problem inherent to the internet - that of exposure. 
Most small artists' sites have little chance to be seen by the wider viewing public as they cannot hope 
to compete in the difficult task of obtaining a decent search engine ranking. Even if you join one of the 
many directories already competing your site is destined to be burried on one of thousands of pages 
in these mightly sites - again with little chance to be seen.  The simplicity of wotartist is its strength. 
Direct access to hundreds of sites using a very pleasant and nicely designed interface.  Voted 
in "TIME" top 50 sites for 2007.

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