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The Bourne Ultimatum a film starring Matt Damon

From:     mecker
Category: Films
Date:     22 August 2007
Time:     05:07 PM


This series is so successful because of its lack of irony. There is not much smiling and definitely no 
winks to camera or knowing lines. Matt Damon fights, chases, is chased, hardly fucks, and mainly is 
pissed off that he is such a butch killer. I wonder what he'll do once he has sorted out his identity, 
chilled out, and has to look for a job. What profession for an ex-maniacal robot assassin? Could he 
go into customer service? 

No need to brainwash me. I will watch this grainy action without any waterboarding or other coercion. I 
love adventure spy movies, and this is one of the best, much better than silly old Bond.

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