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Re: climate change camp on richard and judy

From:     blp
Category: Art
Date:     21 August 2007
Time:     08:15 AM


There was a nice response to this persecution of the poor line on the Guardian CiF pages the other
day. Someone poor piped up to say he'd never heard so many people speaking up for his class, adding,
presumably, the next time the poor go on strike, they'll be back to being ungrateful, work-shy
social security scroungers. Anyway, a lot of the people who live near Heathrow and will be made
homeless by the third runway are poor. Even more to the point, in relative terms, globally,
virtually anyone flying from the UK is rich and it's the really poor people in developing countries
who are going to be hit hardest first by climate change. 

George Monbiot's book Heat, which I've bigged up here before, is about how we can basically maintain
the standard of life we already enjoy, just change the infrastructure. The only thing he can't work
out how to save, no matter how hard he tries, and he does try hard, is flying. It's that or the
planet, you globetrotters. 

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