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climate change camp on richard and judy

From:     rr
Category: Art
Date:     21 August 2007
Time:     04:55 AM


Saw this discussed on richardandjudy and the protestors, or someone, had sent on a nice looking 
geeky unthreatening guy to represent them. Ordinary right wing folk were spoken up for by a journalist 
of enormous self-righteousness, who are you to tell we cant have cheap flights etc, you can't tell us 
working class folk we cant have holidays in spain, what kind of democracy is it when your protests 
stop out flights. Breathtaking idiocy and illogic

I thought Richard was devils advocating against the climate camp but secretly supported them.

I suppose I am not keen on giving up a lot to save the notional planet. I would take the train on holiday 
though, and blp adventures sound fun. I would prefer if the chinese and indian and south americans 
bore the brunt of sacrifice, and didn;t pollute chop down and generally destroy.

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