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Transormers, Leicester Square, london

From:     Remi
Category: Films
Date:     09 August 2007
Time:     04:40 PM


How did a group of three guys get in to see a film on student cards when one of them was a lecturer? 
Only one was a student. Just goes to show how many tourists usually go to these parts. 

A long film at almost three hours, but epic in moments, if you're not concentrating too much. Leading 
lady surely burnt her skin, am concerned how Hollywood doesn't take enough care of people. But she 
looked lovely with her sharp-shooting blue eyes. Leboeuf in main role was pretty quick and quirky, 
and leant the whole proceedings a heavy dose of irony, with his parents not too far behind. Only the 
soldiers played straight, a little too much. 

You didn't have to know the original series but it certainly helped your appreciation of how well they 
copied the toys; you can always check afterwards. I won't bother mentioning the plot as you can 
probably guess it, and even if you can't, it makes no difference. My main criticism, why not let us enjoy 
the transformers in a bit more slow-mo. 

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