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Re: Daredevil a film with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

From:     pro
Category: Films
Date:     06 August 2007
Time:     05:29 PM


daredevil is possibly the worst film ever made.

 ok, thats a sweeping statement, and probably isnt true, however

 this film could be the embodiment of all that is wrong with the world as we know it .

 to tell the truth im a comic book fan, this, for a start, means i won't like comic book inspired
films (baring 300, sin city and x - men, naturally) 


 im sorry, thinking about the film has induced me to actually question my will to live

 i cant carry this on, i have to go and purchase a bath and a toaster.

  don't see this film, don't even bother to set your video to record

 don't read this review, its not worth the effort.

 sleep instead, its better for you

 bollocks, i should have written that last bit at the beginning

 ahh well, you suffer...


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