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prato a town in Italy

From:     tal i
Category: Art
Date:     15 July 2007
Time:     05:10 AM


In florences shadow, not bad as a bourgeois base, 20 mins from the big F. The historic center has 
the usual dumbo cathedral filled with masterpieces and anxious attendants. The whole is quite 
perfect, surrounded by a high wall and protected on one side by a river filled with fish and flanked by 
the occasional heroin addict. At night babies and teenagers come out to play, strutting their gelled up 
hair, hotpants, and smashing the occasional bottle to release the stress of being so blessed. 

The trattoria Lapo, piazza mercatale, is the pinnacle of basic gutsy tuscan cooking. They start you 
with a platter of cold meats, pure fat on little bagel like breads, a kind of pate, and some artichoke 
hearts if you're lucky. Then the kindly waiter will offer you tortelloni, tortelli, ravioli or something similar. 
There are the same sauces every night: arabbiata, ragu, or tomato, with a guest star like sage and 
butter to keep you on your toes. Next is the secondo, which can involve between two and four choices 
served with roast potatoes or beans. Highlights are pork ribs and pork shin (stinco) all crustily grilled 
with rosemary and the ooze of fat to mop up with your bread. Other mains may include smoked 
cheese (boring), slices of steak (dull), roast chicken in beer? (good), a kebab (ok), or a stew (dull 
too). Go for something arrosto. Finish with a piece of ricotta cheesecake if they have it and an 

On the corner opposite Lapo is a good icecream parlour, and you can see them making the creamy 
stuff if you peak through the window round the block. Why is Italian icecream so soft and gentle, and 
why doesn't someone open up a genuine italian place here? A million pound idea.

After your icecream proceed to a bar which DJs rocky music, and has charming staff in rock outfits 
and where you may observe the youths lounging round the square. The juxtaposition will prove 

Other highlights include a trip to the mountains which delightfully backdrop the town in green or an 
adventure in underwear in one of the many shops pushing pants. 

Recommended before we destroy it.

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