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storm jameson a novelist

From:     forgotten writers number one
Category: Art
Date:     13 July 2007
Time:     07:11 AM


Just read two novels, by ms storm. no she's not part of the fantastic four. her writing is of that stiffish 
preciseish style of the 20s, actually quite good and easy to read, but liable to be overlooked. 

virago stupidly put paintings of edward hopper on her covers, misleading as she was from yorkshire. I 
wonder if there is something offputting about those 20th century uk writers that virago publishes,  they 
seem a little dry when you read the blurb, about a young woman coming of age as a writer or 
whatever, do young women writers themselves find inspiration here, or are they reading sexxxed up 
trash from the present. Do those british writers (women) have a double impediment, unable to use the 
vernacular because britsh  and stuck  in the words of middle class mediocrity, and unable to attack 
because women and therefore busy just winning the vote, and no chance to innovate ( what about 
v.wolf you ask?). 

old maya angelou has her southernness and americanness to help her out the box, and thus liberated 
by her chains thrown off, is able to be a lot more distinct and gutsy and of her time with vivid life than 
most of our brit chicks.

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