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Re: smoking ban. at the pub, july 1

From:     angelina
Category: Life
Date:     07 July 2007
Time:     01:59 PM


Well. my first experience of the non-smoking ban hit me when, on a rainy Monday after work- the
first work day after returning from gorgeously sunny Greece (where EVERYONE smokes) to the damp
familiar greyness of London- I went for a well needed "cheer me up quick" drink at a local pub near
work, we were rained indoors and therefore reluctant to go out for fags...go hammered accidentaly
because it seems for us smokers we need the fags to regulate our drinking. In other words, I managed
to consume far more than usual without the steady pace of inhaling breaks in between drinks- 3
bottles of wine (between 3- yes, you do the maths) later- arived at a tube station 3 stops beyond my
house managed to get home without puking - just about- and spent the next day trying to not
faint/puke/fall asleep.

Hurrah for the ban, will breed a nation of binge drinkers/alcoholics/liver disease.

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