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arezzo piero della francesca

From:     tal i
Category: Art
Date:     05 July 2007
Time:     06:38 AM


In the churches what makes the differences between the biggies and the smallies? Between the ones 
with queues, like giotto, piero, fra angelico, and the dullards who have just painted another stiff rehash 
of the jesus myth. 

Is is all just hype? Do we buy tickets for some artists, crowd around in hushed tones and crane our 
neck to the heavens just because we are sheep? Or there is a real difference in quality, expression, 
colour, technique, feeling, idea?

If there is a difference, what circumstances and person makes it. And can it be created or taught in art 
schools. If great art is real, than why arent we working it harder to make more of it. Or have we had 
enough of it.

So Piero, you clown, is it the sad faces, or elegant folds, or compositions or realism, or nice colours 
that make you superior. or what?

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