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From:     polly
Category: Other stuff
Date:     26 June 2007
Time:     08:44 AM


It ends with a whimper. Brown is bouncing in the polls, an unlikely image of the heavy Gordon. Can he 
beat the awful chirpy Cameron, all ETon charm and shallow chumminess. You're not my mate you 
posh cunt.

I hope that reality bites. The economy's still ok, and people might SAY they like all that green crap, but 
it usually comes down to pounds and pence. The tories won for so long because because people 
didn't trust labour not to impoverish them with high taxes. If there's no slump they won't dump labour 
now for a slighter version of TB with a social consience. At least i hope not. Just imagine that 
dickhead Davey Catamaran smiling as he walked into 10 downing st.

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