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Re: Telling ten things about myself with a (pen)friend

From:     Remi c/o Clare Harris
Category: Life
Date:     23 June 2007
Time:     11:45 AM



1. I've always wanted to be a doctor (or long enough as its the same thing) 
-I had been thinking of studying medicine for a couple of years alongside other things, before taking 
the plunge almost 5 years ago. Had wanted to be a film-maker but the idea of making films seemed 
less appealing. 

2. Infectious diseases EXCITE!! me. No idea why. 
-Enjoy public health. 

3. I've been with the same person (that's Ben) since I was 15. 
-When I was 21 I met my number one soul mate but she lived in Spain. We remained good friends but 
lost touch. Over Christmas I came across her old letters, and I wrote back to her. 

4. I'm currently laughing because the people in the next room are having the loudest sex I've ever 
heard through a wall and he seems to be currently making sounds like a sealion 
-At the moment I donít get that pleasure any more. Sometimes I think I hear shag sounds but itís just 
the pigeons cooing. Maybe everyone is having silent sex.

5. Philosophy was my favourite subject, because I got to debate with people for school. 
-I also enjoyed philosophy, but never studied it within a curriculum framework. 

6. I hate it when people argue rather than debate- damn it, I love to disagree. 
-I liked talking about things which were on my mind, such as religion, economy, nature of evil

7. I come from Cornwall (these are in no particular order)- 
-I grew up in Jersey and have moved around the UK over the last 10 years and for a while in Paris.

8. I'm atheist
-Life is my religion

9. I hated it when 'The Butterfly Effect" came out at the cinema, because suddenly every thought they 
understood chaos theory (and Jurassic Park for that matter, although that came out before I 
understood the theory so...) 
-Havenít seen that film, but enjoyed the trailer. 

10. I'm sometimes an intellectual snob (see above), but I'm not all that academic
-I enjoy an academic environment, I find it quite peaceful.

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