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Re: why not boycott iran, indonesia, iraq, egypt, turmenistan, ru...

From:     blp
Category: Art
Date:     15 June 2007
Time:     06:16 AM


No, it absolutely doesn't seem absurd to suggest it MIGHT be a factor. I'm open to that argument 
when it's intelligently presented, with due sense of the need to convince. Dershowitz harms whatever 
validity his position might have by chucking the anti-semitism slur around as a priori fact so viciously 
and so indiscriminately. He recently tried it on with Jimmy Carter. Dershowitz is supposed to be a 
lawyer, yet he predicates his position on an idea that is disputed by rabbis: Israel is so fundamental 
to Judaism that opposition to it is Jew hatred.

Also, please note, many of Israel's most prominent critics, notably John Pilger and Noam Chomsky, 
actually are diligent critics of repressive regimes around the world and have been for years. Anyway, 
whenever the argument about the focus on Israel is made, it implicitly acknowledges that Israel is 
indeed a human rights violator - which is, at other times, denied, notably by Dershowitz, whose 
outright distortions and dissimulations on the subject have been scrupulously catalogued by Norman 
Finkelstein. See the comments at the foot of the Times piece for more on Finkelstein, who could be 
said to have been the subject of an academic boycott at the Dersh's hands himself for his views. 

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