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The Nintendo Wii by an old computer gamer

From:     J
Category: Consumer
Date:     15 June 2007
Time:     06:02 AM


I used to really like computers games when I was a lad, I had a gameboy, a sega, a pc engine (an 
import only console from Japan) and some early pcs like the spectrum and commodore 64. The time 
i spent playing those games is lost, I rarely contemplate the great memories of John Madden's nfl or 
of the worlds I explored in fantasy games, the twitching fingers and garish images and sounds 
apparently left my synapses unscarred.

I was drawn into the hype for the nintendo wii, perhaps the desire for hard to find consumer items, is 
the only long lasting effect of my gaming years, the love of mail-order too. Several times I tried to get 
hold of a wii, and several times failed, Until around a month ago I walked into Game on oxford st and 
saw one, and bought on the spur of the moment and credit.

Unpacking and set up was simple and the graphics are definitely more advanced, the box of tricks is 
stylish, the virtual reality control system is initially amazing. You swing your arm and the little computer 
character on the screen does the same thing. It's like you're almost playing tennis or whatever. 

I found it odd standing up to play a computer game, odd to be playing them again, and embarrassing 
i wasn't very good at the wii sports ( I know I know sounds like sexual pissing). I have played a couple 
times with friends which was amusing to watch and added a competitive element, and I tried tiger 
woods golf once when I was alone. But was bored after 10 mins. The wii gives me a sore elbow and I 
have played with about 4 times total since I got it. I am considering giving it to my nephew.

Have I grown up, am I too addicted to the internet (information essentially) , are computer games the 
most tedious waste of time ever? or what?

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