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A Dead Waste of 35,000

From:     Mr Vermin
Category: Art
Date:     12 June 2007
Time:     08:48 AM


An emerging  artist has made headlines with his so-called art dedicated to roadkill.  Our furry friends have been laid bare in this 
not so shocking display. Animal skins, stripped of meat, strung up and ready for art critics to mince their words.  

You could say your being stitched when the price tag is charging 35 grand. There's nothing rotten in this show it's already been 
consumed. This artist Adam Morrigan, collects the dead animals, eats the meat and then makes art. 

We the public may look in horror at this depraved show but it's in the name of art. All you need is confrontational art to pay the 
bills. Ego artists with an eye for public attention get paid. Even if it is a load of bollocks!!

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