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The Venice Biennale

From:     ed
Category: Art
Date:     09 June 2007
Time:     04:49 AM


When I first discovered the Vb I couldn't believe how fun it was, a whole bunch of art in one amazingly 
beautiful city. During the first decade of the third millenium I have grown up, a little. The wonder has 
diminished, and a feeling of sameold has crept in, the artists, art, and razmatazz have lost their 
glister. The world which the Biennale shows seem to have shrunk, even the artists from the more 
esoteric countries betraying the same art-school-art-critical mannerisms as the behemoths. The 
parameters of surprise (it always seemed to be Taiwan) have narrowed and I felt no urge to sweat 
through the crowds of acquaintances and famous/ important people, the former searching for the 
latter, at this year's opening.

I may be drawn back later in the season, a moth to the flickering flame, but wearily this time will the 
boat surge out into the grand canal, one more time, promises.

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