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Prince 'Guitar' Single

From:     Christopher Nevermind
Category: Music
Date:     04 June 2007
Time:     09:09 AM


After the No. 1 success in the US with 3121, Las Vegas stint and the forthcoming tour called 'Earth Tour' hinting London in August. 
What next....something smelly?

I would like to say that his new single 'Guitar' is best achievement since sliced bread but it's a bit stale and mouldy.

His new single 'Guitar' is nothing new, a rehash of a version that was released as a download on his website. (NPG online 
website before it was closed down earlier this year). The single is a similar in style like: 'Peach', Fury' and 'Cinnamon Girl'.  I 
guess he's not really writing anything new. Just things he sees in front of him, what next a 'toilet' song?

Now the single 'Guitar' is free if you buy into the hype. Just get an id from a popular mobile phone company which I won't mention 
and it's yours. I wouldn't bother myself. 

'Planet Earth' on Columbia Records (maybe) next month. I guess that will be free when you go and see him in concert. Notch up a 
few points to get him in the charts.

5/10 (the video could be better without the advertisement)

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