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Self portraits by kids. teenagers in the times

From:     linkowitz
Category: Art
Date:     26 May 2007
Time:     05:56 AM


unfortunately the slide show isn't working, but the idea that it is wrong to copy from photos expressed 
in the article seems so old fashioned:

"The judges tended to prefer the pictures in which the artist had really tried to look in a mirror rather 
than copy the surface of a photograph. “Drawing a self-portrait is not about copying your face, it is 
about developing a memory for it,” says Stephen Farthing, professor of drawing at University of the 
Arts, London. “The best images,” he says, “are those done by someone who has spent time drawing 
from life, not just trying to make pictures that look as if they are finished.”"

Not something that in vogue in adult contemporary art.

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