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Jordan wins American Idol

From:     telly
Category: TV
Date:     26 May 2007
Time:     05:11 AM


I think she's called Jordan or perhaps Jordin. She beat Blake, who might be English, but isnt. The 
drudgereport keeps having stories about dancing with the stars beating it in the ratings. That means 
we will never see the end of cat deeley, that mincing supercilious sycophantic flirting gurning fool. 

I predicted, not on wwr, that the more conventionally attractive of the final four would win, Jordin or 
whatever is not fat, more monumental like the statue of liberty. I wonder whether she will be a star. I 
preferred Blake, he is sting-lite, but least he doesn't belt out ballads. 

It gets more boring as there are fewer contestants, and there are less people to root for. 

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