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Jaqueline Humphries at Modern Art London

From:     art reviews
Category: Art
Date:     23 May 2007
Time:     06:23 AM


Is  abstract art painting without the drama, as I've read Picasso said?

These look better when I see them on the computer screen. Are some artists designing their work for 

I can't get into them. A swirl and some jagged bits. A bit of dripping. Is this painting ala Pollock, 
shallow spaces, a physical painting, a break with Paris. Or just playing with abstraction. Are the 
marks metaphors, analogies for feelings thoughts or sights?

What is their meaning? Are they meant to be beautiful or ugly, or indifferent to aesthetics. Art they 
meant to make me feel something. Are they a code? 

Why has she decided to paint these paintings?

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