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900 Calories Artists Anonymous Vyner Street

From:     RS
Category: Art
Date:     22 May 2007
Time:     04:29 AM


 A collective with a space on Vyner Street. They must be tough cookies. Art Groups are in. These 
guys are an angrier Hobbypop. Sending out manifestos urging artists to rape and murder their 
gallerists, though apparently it's just a press releases for their next show.  Art radicalism is on the rise, 
fashionable feminism and not radical badder meinhof antics, hurrah for revolutionary poltics returned 
as self-promotion.

Art collectives seem to need a German element, but lets avoid stereotypes, perhaps the English 
character is unsuited to the cooperation and lack of detachment that is necessary to work together 
subsuming the ego to the whole, whoops back in the normal Nationality delusions. 

Shall we get over the structure and focus on the art. Their was a video or two, some paintings, and the 
whole gallery had been floored in turf. This was the best element, smelly and springy, and surprising 
in its obviousness. The video takes second prize for being actually quite watchable and involving. 
Thrid prize to the paintings, that didn't engage me. 

Viva l'art collective!

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