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Michael Rosen 'In the Colonie' Sunday 13th May 2007, Marseille to London

From:     Remi
Category: Books
Date:     17 May 2007
Time:     05:28 PM


I first heard about Michael Rosen when he wrote an article about how he found his 18 year old son 
dead in bed one morning. He had died of acute meningitis; his boy had complained of feeling a bit 
tired and groggy several hours before. This piece struck me and I never forgot him. 

Rosen is best known for his children's stories, but this book is aimed at an adult audience. It forms 
part of a triology of autobiography written in an ellipitical, prose poem style. He recounts a holiday he 
spent in France in the 60s, meeting other French youngsters and engaging in camping activities. The 
action also flits around in time, back to his upbringing and forward to how he developed as a writer, 
after leaving medical school. He occasionally talks about the son he lost. Through out the book,  
makes touching observations, strangely ordinary yet lifting you out of the everyday. 

I recommend this book to all those who don't like poetry that sounds too much like poetry but enjoy 
poetical writing.

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