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Banksy in the New Yorker

From:     markowitz
Category: Art
Date:     12 May 2007
Time:     06:57 AM


Funny to see an article in the New Yorker about Britains banksy. Blair is right we are the greatest, 
even now having the most famous graffiti artist and it being acknowledged by the birthplace of the 
writing on walls renaissance: New York.

Banksy, forget the arguments about the banality of his art, is selling for massive sums at Sothebys, 
even the auction house directors are buying into his work, and they know how to massage prices,so it 
should be no surprise to see the rather staid New Yorker featuring mr. Bansky so prominently. Of 
course they like a bit of low-brow culture described with a pinch of patronising irony, but this feature 
fits right into all the ads for Lexuses, Portfolio advice, and Lux. Hotels. Banksy is worth big money 
now and that means he is worth writing about.

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