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Prince Wills and Kate Middleclasston

From:     class war
Category: Other stuff
Date:     20 April 2007
Time:     04:02 AM


Pleased to meet you. Can I use yer toilet. Hand us a serviette. I came here by coach. You have such a 
lovely lounge. I love your perfume. How much did it cost? Kate's nan would like it. Would you like a 
piece of gum, maam.

No wonder the queen was shocked by the horribilus lower-middle classness of Middleton's mum. 
How they must have shrieked with laughter. If only someone had supplied her with a copy of Nancy 
Mitford's classic book on U and non-U, she might have become the next queeen's mum. The book's 
only about 50 years old but still extremely useful.

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