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The Family Friend by Paolo Sorrentino a film

From:     movie reviews
Category: Films
Date:     13 April 2007
Time:     01:15 PM


The schizophrenic couple, mother-son, man-carer,- -? were put off by the subtitles, but apparently they 
just go the cinema to perve and talk on their phone. I wasn't keen on the subject matter: a usurer's 
love for a young woman. Usurer just doesn't attract me to see a film. But what the hell, I went in 

It's one of these weird surreal over-the-top, deadpan films that are made these days. You think isn't 
this great, so off the wall, and not Hollywood. And then you think all the grotesquerie is just a sort of 
coolness, and the director/writer just does weird stuff to his/her characters. A kind of cinematic 
sadism, but more carefree. The movie is watchable, but something missing for the reason above. 

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