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Cat Deeley on American Idol

From:     Dave Death
Category: TV
Date:     10 April 2007
Time:     08:40 AM


They ruin this show for its UK screening with stupid Cat Deeley doing stupid interviews at the 
beginning and end of every section. Normally she'll interview the performers just after they've talked to 
Ryan and walked off stage - this is pointless since we've already heard them talk. But this week, the 
Tony Bennett week, was a new low: Cat was sitting on a sofa with two random tattoeed dofuses from 
some band I don't even know the name of with NO CONNECTION WITH THE SHOW 
WHATSOEVER giving their opinion on what they'd just seen. What a total waste of time - it takes up 
about 10 minutes of the show, and presumably the US footage is cut to make space for this junk.

I am surprised the AI producers have shown such poor judgment here. Normally if nothing else they 
can be relied on to make great television. These stupid UK inserts ruin the show for audiences over 
here and show a misguided and patronising belief that a British audience can't understand or enjoy 
the show without this level of superfluous interpretation. It won't stop me from watching the show, but I 
reach for my mute button whenever they switch over to Cat. 

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