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FADE AWAY - Transition Gallery, curated by Alli Sharma

From: CAP
Date: 11 Dec 2010
Time: 14:24:02 -0600


Fade Away surveys a broad range of painting in London at the end of 2010, seeking a common theme in painterliness, or the forthright demonstration of materials and application, while allowing differences between ‘representation and abstraction’. The title implies that such differences are of diminishing importance. While this may accurately reflect the dearth of current criticism addressing the division, it is an unfortunate note on which to consider the many differences to ‘painterliness’ spelled out by the 39, small-scale works (averaging around 50 cm square) hung in close formation. Indeed, differences to material and application within abstraction or representation and across the two here would seem to generate as many versions of painterliness, as are supposedly shared. By this route, too much fades away.