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Jasper and Harry's Tate Modern (at Unit 24: http://www.unit24.info/)

From: Jakkals
Date: 11 Dec 2010
Time: 05:58:47 -0600


JAKKALS SHOUTS “SEE THIS SHOW” You don’t have to go far to find work on show (1) made by artists who think they’re clever (and generally aren’t); (2) made by artists who may or may not be clever but can’t paint or draw or sculpt; (3) curated by curators who apparently think there will never be more than three people at a time in the gallery and so use fonts as small as the footnotes on mobile phone ads. And you can easily find all three features in a single show (with the RA and the Saatchi in particular specializing in the triplex). What is unusual in the man bites dog sense is finding the anti-triplex: a show that is clever with work made by artists with talent and presented in a space and in a way that makes looking at it a pleasure. For a great antidote to charlie-clever, talentless, curator-scrambled crap, go see “Jasper and Harry's Tate Modern” – more info at http://www.jasperjoffe.com/ and (with gallery info) at http://www.unit24.info/?page=whatsnew 10 December 2010 - 22 January 2011