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Greedy Duke Fails to Flog a Painting

From: Poussin
Date: 07 Dec 2010
Time: 18:38:00 -0600


Greedy Duke of Glutland failed to flog his Poussin at Christies - the highest bid falling far short of the low estimate which was 15m. I like to think that the usual suspects decided not to bid for this either because they didn't want to partake in the vandalism that splitting up the set of paintings is, or because they are waiting for the better paintings of the series to be auctioned too. Still, the painting cost the Duke absolutely nothing so even if he got just a single million he's be quids in ! If he doesn't want them he should flog all remaining 5 of em to the National Gallery for a NON-greedy price that just might make him actually look like an Art Loving Benefactor, AND still earning him millions from all the hard work he put into being his fathers first sperm to fuse with an egg.