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Re: What are the themes of Documenta 13?

From: Ben Zanoe
Date: 26 Nov 2010
Time: 06:00:00 -0600


On September 11, 2010 dOCUMENTA (13) sent and published the following press release on its website as part of the ongoing AND AND AND project and artist initiative that highlights projects by artists and groups worldwide. dOCUMENTA (13) is not responsible for factual claims expressed by the artists and artworks it presents. The release and email refers to a fictional event by artist Pedro Lasch whose works insert ideas, games and rumors into everyday situations to question truth and reality. The following is an artistic project and its content bears no relation to actual events. If..... If the insertion of idea's, games and rumours into everyday situations were not the norm for the political and fiscal world, certainly of Britain, dOGUMENTA's (nothing to do with us Guv) themes may hold somewhat more impedance to critical subordination and thereby play a more influential role in the minds of individuals wishing to engage with a more non sequitur line of thinking. They seem so aloof and resistant to an identity in a world that is weary of ignominious statements and actions, politicians wanting to be good guy and bad boy in one fell swoop, artists making "individual" statements about the inevitability of the "mass" whilst striving for notoriety via just such a statement. We the mass are no longer impressed by the voice of the martinet, though we be kettled by our own police force we suffer the kettling in the knowledge that we pay their wages through our tax, they act upon information from non contributory sources such as "millionaires" {david cameron,rupert murdoch},for dOCUMENTA to be viable it needs to shape its own voice or nail its origins and sources to its mast. They appear to be led around from situation to situation not as a reaction but simply following the scent of fiscal proprieties.