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What are the themes of Documenta 13?

From: lifted
Date: 24 Nov 2010
Time: 18:09:41 -0600


•participation and withdrawal as simultaneous modes of existence today; •embodiment and disembodiment, and their mutual dependency; •rootedness and homelessness, as a dual condition of subjecthood; •proximity and distance, and their relativity; •collapse and recovery, occurring simultaneously as well as in succession; •the flood of uncontrolled information and the contemporaneous obsession with control and organization; •translation and untranslatability, and their negotiation; •inclusion and exclusion, and their connectedness; •access and inaccessibility, and their co-existence; •the obsolescence of a Eurocentric notion of art and the paradoxical emergence of practices related to that same notion in the world at large today; •human life and other forms of life facing multi-species entangled histories; •advanced science/technology and its alliance with ancient traditions; •tangible and intangible heritage and their interconnectedness with contemporary culture; •the specificity of being an artist and the non-specificity of artistic practice.