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walid raad

From: rad
Date: 19 Nov 2010
Time: 16:51:05 -0600


Whilst most of you narcissistic cunts prance around proclaiming "painting is not dead buddy! Im gonna make me dollars like doig and cooke something up for tomorrows slotover" it turns out that there is , in the world 1. A conceptual artist 2. A conceptual artist who challenges the moral knee jerks of western armchair leftists 3. A conceptual artist who wants the truth in all its moral ambiguity 4. A war artist who is funny 5. A funny queer war artist who is tragic , pathetic and small 6. A conceptual artist interested in colour 7.A conceptual artist interested in beauty His name is Walid Raad, aka "The Atlas Group" and his current show at the Whitechapel is the best show in London. However its probably too strong for you lot- you probably want to sit on your arse and bitch about how hard done by you are- boo hoo!