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House for the Future, Alex Baker, Kit Poulson - David Blackmore

Date: 16 Nov 2010
Time: 13:12:31 -0600


Private view: Wednesday 24th November, 6-9 p.m Exhibition Dates: 24th November – 19th December First Thursdays late opening: Thursday 2nd December 6-9 p.m Opening times: Friday - Sunday 12-6 p.m House for the Future - Alex Baker and Kit Poulson For the final exhibition of 2010 Schwartz Gallery presents the work of Alex Baker and Kit Poulson in an ambitious collaborative work that locates itself in the main gallery space. Kit Poulson and Alex Baker have been collaborating for over 10 years producing live works and installations that explore the edges of sound, text, objects and movement. Building outwards to escape from our own plans, to subvert our own thoughts… We begin with two eight-foot square cubes, occupying one each. From here we explode out into the gallery space. The work becomes a conversation as our paths meet. We continue to move freely, interrupting and overwriting the actions of each other, the cubes transform into new forms. In the area around the cubes there will be four tables, sites for performance, a mixture of fiction, strange carpentry, sonic surgery and sculptural cooking. These events will happen at the opening and throughout the exhibition. And finally ‘Dud Men’, curious stick like figures with speakers for heads and wires trailing from their bodies will act as surrogate versions of ourselves when we have left the space. Our bath fills from the plughole? Our work contains elements of sculpture, performance and installation. It explores how simple plans generate ever more complex systems, and the convergence of the act of making and the act of thinking as conversation; conversation between two artists, the world and material, the work and the space and the time of the show. The audience sees different speeds of making; rapid improvisation and slow considered construction, as we negotiate our way through the objects that emerge from the collision of our activities. Our conversation will create an architectural confection, which emerges from the para-modern ideas of Suprematism, the Elterwater Merzbarn and the garden shed aesthetics of the Brutalist Smithsons. Alex Baker and Kit Poulson Artists’ Bio: Recent performances and exhibitions include: Dead Fingers Talk, IMT Gallery, London, 2010; Open Multiversity, Swedenborg Hall, London, 2009; Event Horizon, GSK Contemporary, Royal Academy of Art, London (with David Burrows), 2008 and Black Cube / White Horse, Hartnett Gallery, Rochester, NY, USA, 2008. www.alexbaker.co.uk ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SCHWARTZ GALLERY PROJECT SPACE David Blackmore Schwartz Gallery Project Space presents ‘Self help’, a new work by London-based artist David Blackmore. The work is based on my collection of second hand ‘Self help’ books. I specifically search out books in which lines or passages of text have been highlighted or underlined by the original owner. The work explores the desire of individuals to reclaim control of different aspects of their life, be it to loose weight, beat depression or to achieve contentment in modern life. The desire to change a trait is the expression of a wish to have more control over day to day existence. For some this desire manifests itself in turning to these books in search of inspirational advice and methodologies to aid achieving these goals. My attention is drawn to the first thing they marked. The work is an exploration of this primary act, the making of a visual aid memoire, that first inspirational step to regain control. David Blackmore Artist Bio: In 2009 David Blackmore had his third solo show at the Central European House of photography in Bratislava. Over the course of 2009 and 2010 Blackmore has been involved in a number of group shows in India, Slovakia and the UK. David is a part time lecturer at the University for the Creative Arts and has also guest lectured at the University of Westminster, London and the Institute for Art, Design and Technology, Dublin. www.davidblackmore.co.uk www.davidblackmore.blogspot.com For further information and images please e-mail us on info@schwartzgallery.co.uk http://www.schwartzgallery.co.uk Copyright 2008-2010 Schwartz Gallery