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Re: Remembrance day poppies are disgusting

From: Jah Head
Date: 15 Nov 2010
Time: 12:56:08 -0600


Remembrance Poppies as worn by the members of the English Conservative Party on a recent visit to China were mistakenly deciphered by the members of the Chinese Socialist Government as votives commemorating the Boxer War, during which English colonial ambitions at their zenith were properly reclassified. Since that time the Chinese Government has engendered an industrial revolution transforming the agricultural topography into a conglomerated high volume industrial output with absolutely no fiscal dependency on international stock market exchange rates. A complete reversal of roles has ensued and the Government of China can easily justify the minimal cost of such a visit in the knowledge that the English visitors will simply pay lip service to any Human Rights issues, that purchasing a few Rolls Royce Aircraft engines to copy and increase international sales of Chinese Airline flights is well within any budgetary constraints especially when unlisted on stock exchanges,on the other hand the English Tories state their main reason for the visit was to sell the aircraft engines and to sell the Government of China "the idea of middle class", yes,that is, I'm afraid the only other reason why all those idiots visited China wearing Opium Poppies in their english lapels which were probably bought online from China.