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Re: The Internet.

From: Mr.Coffee and Ann
Date: 15 Nov 2010
Time: 12:27:21 -0600


There are manifold individuals who sincerely believe that the The World Wide Web is a portal accessed via computer equipment and that it is a repository for endless data including opinion, lies, fatuous commentaries, news, views both secular and parsimonous, surveillance via external sensoring equipment, information configuring software, interactive video games, composition facilities and mathmatical equation formula. Although many now realize with only the slightest disappointment, that there is no World Wide Web or Information Super Highway, there is just the individual staring into a glowing cube into which, (rather magically), the individual can but project their own limited creativity, imagination and wit, everything else: the fancy little icons, the letters from Nigeria, the "clubby" social networks, the blogisphere they are all pure illusion - look closely and you'll realize - yes, you knew all that stuff already......