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Tony Blair, A journey

From: book reviews
Date: 11 Nov 2010
Time: 05:31:10 -0600


I liked, and do like, this guy Blair. He gets it. He was, and is a leader. Brown was, and is, a sulky conspirator, although a towering intellect of irrepressible energy, he didnt get it. The middle, law and order, immigration without racism, modernising, progressive, leadership. Strategy not tactics. The ends justify the means, smart guy and really outstanding mind. The media will tear you apart, but a leader gets the people, and the people get the leader, and if you do not and have not got that you dont get it. Leader, mein fuhrer, or not. And your instinct, based on facts and strategies and progress, what works best public or private, is what leaders get and did get. Get it.