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Re: Questions about the art world

From: Jenny Gates
Date: 08 Nov 2010
Time: 17:35:17 -0600


My current favourite is Wilkinson, the line of people busily typing away ignoring the punters, as if they are trying to get that death star off the ground and finally engage the killer laser ray, they forgot the funny helmets poor fools. Nice lady in Modern Art always says hello, but I am sure Stuart got it written into her contract. A thought that cheers me about those self satisfied smug bastards, they could most likely earn more working at Lidl. I can say that at this moment in time I have never met anyone from that side of the gallery artworld who is not a total kunt? (the techs are generally alright), But I am not the target market, put someone of importance in front of them and watch the silva flow. I failed working in that world, I could not do it, I did try. Only word of warning, I am sure my opinion and most of the peoples on here would change once that elusive gallery signing happened.