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Re: arts council funding

From: Benizar Zanukoe
Date: 07 Nov 2010
Time: 13:52:52 -0600


It wouldn't take any simple organism longer than instantaneously to recognise the face saving dazzle of Forgan, Davy and the undead messengers who frequent this peculiar quango dense ghetto of the bluff and counter bluff of the beuro-fat-cats who purr no matter what colour the tin of government flavoured petfoods on offer under the table. With a government being "led" by a pair of giant snickering schoolboys, albeit slightly differing socio-economic backgrounds it must be patently obvious to all that their Fagg - Danny Alexander announcing that the unemployed are to be made examples of, by instructing them to work Mao style manual jobs for government welfare benifits , is showing us the tip of an empire of braindead zombies who have waited after being ignored for long days and nights of Liberal indecision, veiled tory nazism and total corporate antipathy to the state and its people, and its art. So what these burks will never understand (until the next time) is that they'll need to employ an army of further brain dead fat cats to learn how to re-apply for funding - thus reducing the actual funding further, then they'll need someone with better qualifications to reapply for funding, that person will need an education at say nine grand a pop...You think a small town provincial gallery has that kind of acumen? No of course not...The Liberals lead by the posher schoolboy have fallen hopelessly for this truly whopping wheeze because their Tory chums can't wait to tender for some of those gallery sponsoring opportunities with a cup of Starbux here and a cup of Macdollops there, thirty percent cut to the arts? No problem says Dame Liz, and continue opening my tin of salmon flavoured Whiskas will ye? They (ACE) also say: Its something they would have done themselves in order to ensure Flexibility, Transparency, efficiency and fairerity...what is it with this effing lot, can't they cry when a giant puppy craps in their eye ?...I mean...Fairer? Rumsfeldt could have bettered that. How very bloody odd that the monarchy aren't being subjected to a thirty percent cut: that would have been the only aspect of our social state that wouldn't have taken more than the projected cut amount to actually execute and maintain.You can with common sense work it out yourself by considering what happens in detail but simply put - cuts cost more to instigate than sustaining careful management, Art is one of the most successful aspects of the recent past in the U.K.