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R4 Grey Son on his Bike.

From: Tim Smit
Date: 07 Nov 2010
Time: 12:54:46 -0600


Lurk awhile on Radio Four way from the glassy stares, the MDF tainted breath and the arome of iniquity. The trenchant gloom gives rise to fascinating insight into distractions of mediocrity but theres so much more authority in this period than we can witness in real-time, all it takes is a corner turning backward glance unless something truly whorish like Grayson Berry is wheeled in to entertain the bovine middlebrow grazers that occupy the fields of neophilistinism that stretch into the landscape occupied by the Archers with Mark Ravenhill and Anthony Gormley poncing their swathes of self adulation, don't they know this audience is raised on aquiesence? If Grayson Berry isn't crushed to death slowly (in normal clothing) under a heavy bit of quarrying plant soon there will have been no point at getting annoyed and actually having to get off my arse to turn the radio off manually and stare at the condensation on the bathroom window for a very long time until its safe to turn it back on. So what that he wears clothes, so what that he's very boring, so what that his whole life is a construct? It isn't an abject conservatism that holds back any comments about the shitheads clothing, its that we've all gotten over that crap, now tell us something interesting that doesn't include dressing up as the only laddy in the village or die!