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Diamond Jubilee Logo to be designed by children

From: A grown up
Date: 31 Oct 2010
Time: 12:43:36 -0600


Interesting to read on the BBC that The Queen's Diamond Jubilee logo is going to be designed by a child and overseen by Blue Peter ! This is another brilliant way to humiliate real artists and designers by getting four years olds to do our jobs. Did something like this happen during the Chinese Cultural Revolution ? Can't wait for The National Portrait Gallery to commission children to paint the official portraits of the Royal Family and rest of the establishment. Did Gordon Brown ever think up something so degrading to real artists ? You can see childrens rubbish and fake art in evangelical churches up and down the country already. Even in some of this country's most sublime medieval cathedrals like Ely, giant and hideous fuzzy-felt banners " designed " by local children effectively destroy everything of real beauty in these buildings. And always it is an evangelical grown up who hates art who commissions art ignorant kids to do this. I often wonder what would of happened if these people were Renaissance popes - would they have ignored the Raphaels and Michelangelos and gave the jobs of decorating the churches to the least talented local children ? Probably. Anyway, here we have someone in the government thinking that any child can do the job of an artist. Let us not suppose that we haven't been warned. God help us !